Diné Bizaad Dictionary App

Diné Bizaad Dictionary App for Apple iOS® and Android®

How do I write "I Love You!" or say "Happy New Year!" in Diné Bizaad?

We made it simple. Access your dictionary from your mobile phone whenever you need it.


Search the database in English or Diné bizaad. Refresh your app to download the latest words added to the database.

Listen to words and phrases. Select the audio button and hear vowel/consonant, glottal, and high tone sounds.

Use the categories module. See lists including animals, days of the week, handling verbs, colors, food and more!

Navajo Word of the Day. Featuring a calendar with daily notifications of Diné words and phrases.

Organize by favorites. Sort your recent searches by saving your favorite words and phrases.

Use the clipboard to type custom phrases. Use the Diné bizaad and English keyboard layouts to type messages.

Share words and phrases to social networks. Share via email, message, tweet, or Facebook.

Contribute to the app. Feedback module allows you to email new words and phrases you want added to the app.

View recent searches. Your recent search list can be saved and deleted.