ActivEngage2 1Y Subs 1-500. A virtual student response system that enables students to contribute to a classroom discussion or work at their own pace from tablets, laptops or mobile handheld devices.
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A Software-Based Student Response System

ActivEngage2 is a software-based student response system ideal for use in schools that have invested in 1-to-1 laptop initiatives, computer labs, tablets or mobile handheld devices or those with Bring-Your-Own-Device initiatives. ActivEngage2 maximizes current technology investments and eliminates the need for additional hardware by leveraging existing devices to provide real-time data and feedback for teachers and students.

Using Promethean’s award-winning software ActivInspire, display a question on the interactive display or ask it verbally, and learners will respond using the virtual device on their computers or handheld devices. Assign full quizzes of varying difficulty with ActivEngage2’s Self-Paced Learning functionality to encourage students to work at their own pace and comprehension level. Gain instant insight into student comprehension and progress with an intuitive, integrated application that makes the most of existing classroom technology.

Designed to grow with you, ActivEngage2 enables virtual voting across a single classroom, an entire campus and beyond. The software-based system can be managed at a classroom level or centrally on a networked server.

Why ActivEngage2?

Streamline instructional management

Full integration with ActivProgress allows you to instantly gauge student comprehension, access instructional support, identify student achievement trends and proactively address potential challenges.

Utilize Self-Paced Learning

Assign questions of varying difficulty and enable students to respond at their own pace and view instant feedback. Students can even respond to questions in the order they wish, just as they would with a pencil-and-paper assessment. Use the detailed results data to provide just-in-time intervention to struggling students and to determine whether to spend additional time on the concept as a class or move on.

Reduce costs

Eliminates the need for additional hardware, optimizing existing technology investments.

Key Features

  • Wide range of response types—Students can reply in full sentences, as well as in numbers, symbols, math equations, fractions, true/false, Likert scales and more.
  • Real-time reporting—Track each learner’s progress instantly and adjust instruction throughout the lesson to improve comprehension of key concepts.
  • Cross-platform functionality—Clients work within a web browser or on mobile devices with iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms simultaneously, allowing for mixed deployment. ActivEngage2 can also be used alongside ActivExpression handheld student response devices. It is an included component of Promethean KUNO tablet learning system.
  • Virtual, software-based application—ActivEngage2 is designed to work with any model of interactive display, but can also work independently, solely with a projector or networked devices.
  • Centrally controlled and scalable—Network-based registration delivers virtual voting capability across a single classroom, an entire campus and beyond. Or, take learning on the go with ActivHub.[/tab] [tab]


  • ActivEngage2 Server (Windows and Mac) •
  • ActivEngage2 Client (Web Client for any device using a standard web browser and Native Clients for Apple iOS, Windows 8 and Android devices)

Minimum Computer/Device Requirements

ActivEngage2 Server

  • Windows: Pentium 4 – 1 GHz processor 20 MB disk space, 2 GB system memory required Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 (and above operating systems)
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and above

ActivEngage2 Client

  • iOS: Any device supporting iOS 5.0 and above
  • Windows: Windows 8 and Windows RT Android: Version 3.2 and above
  • Web Client: Internet Explorer 8 and above; Google Chrome; Firefox 15 and above; Safari 5 and above[/tab] [/tabcontent]

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