Design Build

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Free Technology Assessments

Is your technology a rat’s nest of perpetual frustration? We provide free on-site assessments of technology infrastructures. We offer the latest technology to help your business run effectively and efficiently. A Native Innovation’s representative would be happy to come out and visit with you. We will provide a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, then offer a complete summary of our analysis and recommendations to resolve your technological issues.


Unify your technologies with Native Innovation Inc’s., complete design, build, maintenance, and support capabilities. From top to bottom we’ll integrate all your disparate technologies into one seamless package. First, we start by generating your detailed design plan with AutoCAD. Secondly, we partner with reputable contractors to build to your specifications using leading edge, technological materials such as, structured cabling. Thirdly, we maintain and manage your network through closely monitored 24×7 support services.

Technology Systems Architecture

With Native Innovation Inc’s., experienced engineers and designers on your side you’ll get a comprehensibly planned, integrated system, that meets your business demands. Once we determine your final system requirements we’ll plan a conceptual model that integrates all your network needs outlined in a procurement strategy. We’ll work to modernize your operational procedures, enhancing efficiency, and maximizing your operating costs. As the system comes into being, the model is progressively refined until it perfectly fits your business requirements.

Data Center Solutions

Native Innovation Inc., is acutely aware of the increasing demands for data storage and processing in today’s business market. We carefully plan data center solutions based on the unique needs of each client. Whether you are in need of a data center, computer room, server room/closet, phone room, network operation center, or command center, Native Innovation Inc., will customize a data system that is secure, energy efficient, and fits your budget. In addition, we offer online back-up systems that guarantee to keep your network operational.