Network Systems

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Structured Cabling

Industry Standards for structured cabling make this product an enduring network investment that grows with your business. The experts at Native Innovation, Inc., can take charge of the installation, operation, and maintenance of your entire communications network. Whether you need a single cable pulled or have a new building with 10,000 drops, our certified cabling engineers will ensure the success of your project! As a licensed contractor for low voltage and electrical work, we guarantee that our cabling work is always of the highest quality. In addition we leverage our partnerships with several cabling manufacturers to get you the best price, regardless of the size of your job.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

With widespread use of the internet, the ability to transfer and receive data no matter where you are has become increasingly vital. WLAN is a quick, low cost, communication tool offering greater freedom of mobility to move around within a local coverage area while maintaining your network connection. Native Innovation, Inc., stands second to none in planning, building, and maintaining a reliable and secure wireless network to fit your budget. In Addition, Native Innovation, Inc., offers cutting edge mesh technologies that expand your wireless bandwidth, increase security and usage auditing, while also extending your coverage.

Unified Communications (UC)

UC is an evolving complex blend of real-time communication technologies (such as instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, speech recognition) with non real-time services (such as voicemail, e-mail and fax). UC both simplifies and integrates all forms of communication; allowing, for example, an individual to leave a message on voice mail for the recipient to access the message through e-mail. With Native Innovation, Inc’s., UC services you’ll streamline your communications, increase productivity and save money.

Network Security

Native Innovation, Inc., offers complete and customized network security solutions at competitive rates. We follow strict HIPPA standards to keep your business in compliance through necessary backups and encryption of information. We closely monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, checking sensitive information transfers and security applications, such as: Intrusion Detection, Spam Guards, Email Encryptions, Firewalls, and more. With Native Innovation, Inc., you can rest assured that your network is secure.

Security Management

With Native Innovation, Inc’s., unique monitoring service, you will always know that your systems are running and healthy. You’ll receive trouble alerts delivered through email or SMS messages, as well as a login that gives you a dashboard view of all of your systems; including recent alerts, logs, trouble tickets, and thorough details of diagnostic information. With Native Innovation, Inc’s., premium support plans, we automatically resolve issues for you as they occur, often before you even know about them. In addition, we can provide remote and/or on site support according to the service level agreement that you choose!

Have you ever needed to restore a file, only to find that your backups have been failing to run for the past two months? Eliminate backup headaches by partnering with us, and never worry about missing files again. Native Innovation, Inc., monitors our client’s backup jobs on a daily basis, addressing issues as they come up.

Native Innovation, Inc., also offers our small to medium sized clients co-location services at our state of the art underground, earthquake proof data center. Restricted access to your servers, 100% uptime, uninterruptible power, uninterruptible internet access, and your infrastructure on a huge internet backbone at a very affordable price!