Diné Bizaad Baa Hózhǫ̨́. Our Diné Language Is Beautiful!


Lavelda CharleySeptember 16, 2014 -  In a playful manner, Native Innovation asked many 2014 Navajo Nation Fair attendees to record their voice to model the use of the Diné Language. The recordings not only emit words and phrases, but also the proud, joyful connections many have with their Diné language. The highlight from a weekend of recording came from a 3 year-old as she introduced herself in Diné and eloquently versed her clans. Thereafter, we shared the recording for many others to hear throughout the weekend. Even in editing the parts into a video, we played her voice over the speakers loudly to all to hear in the office. This is why we create the work we do, we thought in unison—our faces showing it all. It was such a eventful weekend spent at the 2014 Navajo Nation Fair, but one that leaves us with such gratitude to bring hope, promise, and relief to those in the fight to preserve the Diné language and culture. Practice, play, and inspire! Ahéhee’.

"Diné Bizaad Baa Hózhǫ̨́.” All audio and images used with permission December 4-6, 2014.
Directed by LaVelda Charley, Education Research Specialist
Produced by LaVelda Charley, Kialo Winters & Jerome Tsosie

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