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A 2-day educational technology conference focused on the entire Google ecosystem.

Introducing Our Diné Bizaad App

Are you ready for the release of our Diné Bizaad App for iPhone®, iPad® & iPod touch®? You’ve never seen anything like this before.

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ActivExpression 2 offers teachers real-time insight into student comprehension and learning.


Multi-touch whiteboards elevate the standard for interactive whiteboards.


ActivTable Empowers and motivates students to lead their own learning while developing collaborative skills.


We know there are many different companies to choose from to help your organization with the professional products and services we offer. We are not unique in the product lines we offer, nor the services we provide. What is different about Native Innovation, Inc. is in the HOW and WHY of what we do. We have a vested interest in not only delivering the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible cost, but also delivering them in a manner that exceeds your expectations.

Native & Veteran Owned Technology Company

Native Innovation Inc. is a Native American & Veteran owned, full service network management company serving the southwestern United States. We provide enterprise network services to corporate, educational, government, and medical customers. With a variety of support options, from pay-per-incident to annual maintenance agreements, you’ll be sure to find a solution that fits your budget. With Native Innovation we unify your disparate technologies under one roof. Our complete list of services cover anything from a single server or router to your entire network; from your Internet connection to the end-user’s keyboard. We are confident in our reputation for great service, knowledgeable engineers, and satisfied clients.

What we offer


    Interactive Tools

    Easy Interactive Tools lets you use your interactive pen as a mouse to navigate, select, scroll, draw, save, and interact with projected content from your computer.


    Interactive Displays

     Interactive Displays allow you to collaborate, share ideas and get results.


    We provide comprehensive solution for classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms or anywhere you give presentations, teach or collaborate.

    learner response systems

    Student response system that enables students to contribute to classroom discussion with tablets, laptops or mobile handheld devices.

Education & Training

We empower you in the classroom

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Network Systems

An enduring investment that grows with your business.

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We integrate technology into one seamless package

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Solutions that are designed to fit your daily business needs.

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Native Innovation, Inc. is adding to the Diné language revitalization initiative!

Native Innovation, Inc. is adding to the Diné language revitalization initiative, a movement throughout our region, to promote the Diné language. We hope to promote and instill pride in our Diné language learners by offering these revolutionary technology tools for **FREE**. Today, a mobile device is ubiquitous and we want to use these devices and provide learning tools for our Diné language learners. The popularity of seeing and reading the Diné language on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Google+ have allowed users to communicate in the Diné language. We want to show our communities and educators that technology is a tool and can be integrated into daily instruction successfully whether at home or in the classroom. We are using the internet and the World Wide Web as a repository for preserving the Diné language. Speaking our Diné language instills our values, our wisdom and our way of life. We see our generation preserving the Diné language, then our goal is to have the next generation promoting the Diné language. We challenge you to promote life-long learning in all our indigenous language learners by either becoming creative facilitators or mentoring a language learner.  

Diné Keyboard App

Today social networks are as ubiquitous as the mobile device itself and we at Native Innovation, Inc. want to provide a tool for our Diné language learners. The popularity of seeing and reading the Diné language on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Google+ have allowed users to communicate in the Diné language. Jerome Tsosie and Florian Johnson created and released Version 1.0 on November 16, 2012 in the iTunes® store and the Diné Keyboard for Android OS on August 30, 2013. The Android OS version has over 80 phrases loaded for users to instantly use. The iOS app version 1.1, released February 28, 2014, has over 400 phrases and was sponsored by KTNN 660AM radio. We present to you the Diné Keyboard for mobile devices. Download yours today!  

Diné Bizaad App

We are excited to announce the Diné Bizaad App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® & Android OS. Founded by our education technology specialist, Kialo Winters, the concept has been in the works since early 2013. The Android OS version 1.0 was made available on February 26, 2015 in the Google Play Store and the iOS version 1.0 was made available on September 13, 2014 in the iTunes® store. The dictionary has over 500 words/phrases and more to come! Key features in the app are the word/phrase search, a spoken word function to recite words/phrases, category lists, a clipboard, sharing and Diné Word of the Day notifications. Read more…

Diné Bizaad App For iPhone®, iPad® & iPod touch®

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